​Born and raised in Shelby North Carolina Betsy grew up with the privelage of having Dr. L.Gene Yarboro and Margaret Dedmon Yarboro as her parents. Dr Yarboro, a prominent Veterinarian in the town ran the family business Cleveland Veterinary Hospital with the help of Mrs. Yarboro when she was not raising her five children, four boys and daughter, Betsy. Betsy went on to study art at Wingate University and then to Appalachian State University where she met her husband. After College she married and re-located to Fairfax Virginia for her husbands career and raised her two beautiful daughters there helping them with her artistic abilities along the way by putting finishing touches on projects, creating one of a kind outfits she made by hand and much more. Betsy now resides in North Carolina where she held the title of President of the High Country Alumni Chapter. She continues to volunteer and make a difference in her community and has more time to create her one of a kind artwork between visits to her Daughters and two Grandchildren.

My Short Biography

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